This morning I was listening to Elvis Costello's "Deep Dark Truthful Mirror" on Spotify.

The line "A butterfly drinks a turtle's tears" struck me as interesting.  So I Googled it.

And came across this post about butterflies drinking from turtle eyes in the Amazon rainforest and this incredible image.


I then Tweeted a link to the post, and got an instantaneous reply from Alicia Kan telling me the image inspired her day.

So let's recap:  Listening to a song that lives in a cloud somewhere I was struck by a lyric.  I Googled that lyric to find its meaning, and learned about something in nature I never knew existed.  I shared that learning with a group of relative strangers.  One person found it compelling enough that it inspired her day.  Oh, and all this happened within about three minutes.

This is the wonderful serendipity of the Internet.  It's all that's good about it.  I am so thrilled for my kids that they will never know a world without it.