On PR & Bloggers ... Mandatory Step 1

Wizardoz3Regarding the subject of the relationship between PR professionals and bloggers ... Steve Rubel doesn't raise any earth-shattering points in this blog post, just like I didn't in this.  But I do like the way Steve puts this ...

"To thrive in this new distributed environment, the PR community must step out in front of the curtain, become a bit more technically adept and participate transparently as individuals in online communities. We will have to openly collaborate and add value to the network and help the companies we represent do exactly the same."

It's pretty simple as far as I see it ... any PR practitioner who is going to advise their clients on how to navigate the world of online social media must actually participate in online social media.  And by participate I mean write a blog, read other blogs, use Skype, use Twitter, etc.  This is 101.