You Don't Have To 'Get' It. Just Go With It.

In 1956 Elvis shook his hips on The Ed Sullivan Show.
Parents were appalled and confused.
Tried to get him banned, even jailed.

Happens with every generation. 

Rather than judge your kids for their Mindcraft obsession, endless selfies, hours of unboxing videos, music made by computers, Spongebob, and sartorial choices that seem to defy all reason ... try understanding it. Ask questions. I do, a lot. The things I learn -- not just about what's happening in the world, but about how my kids think -- are fascinating. And even if they don't know it yet I'm certain they'll eventually appreciate my curiosity. 

Stop pushing dated social paradigms on them. 
It won't work. They won't listen. And frankly it makes you old before your time.

These are forces way stronger than us.
Either ride the wave or get flattened by it.