The Forgotten Consumer Touchpoint

FireShot capture #361 - 'TouchpointGraphic_jpg (JPEG Image, 440x429 pixels)' - www_theambertheatre_com_images_TouchpointGraphic When people talk about consumer touchpoints they are generally referring to every point of contact before-during-after a purchase [many of which are depicted on the spider chart]. 

One bubble I never see on these charts is recruiting

It's the forgotten touchpoint yet how a company deals with a job candidate undoubtedly impacts the candidate's relationship with the brand.

I'm not in HR and I have nothing terribly insightful to offer.  But what I do know is that every time you interview a candidate you should consider her in five ways:

  1. As a potential employee
  2. As someone who could one day be your boss [I have seen it happen more than once]
  3. As a current customer
  4. As a potential future customer
  5. As a word-of-mouth advocate/detractor

My advice is common sense, but I've been around long enough to hear my share of horror stories.  Think about how your behavior before-during-after the recruiting process impacts ALL candidates, and remember you're dealing with much more than just a potential employee.

What do you think - am I making too much of this?