How I (Don't) Manage My Online Brand

I was recently asked my how I manage my personal brand in social media.

I don't.

Picture 1
Well, not entirely true.  I don't behave any differently online than I do in the real world.  It's common sense, right?  Some of the rules I live by ...

  • Look presentable:  Yes, I take pride in how I put myself together in the morning.  Just like I take pride in how my blog looks and what my profile pics say about me.
  • Be nice to strangers:  I appreciate every blog comment and re-tweet, and am happy to return the favor any time - regardless of whether you're my college roommate or someone I've never met.
  • Be multidimensional:  I'm a proud dad, professional, Cubs fan. Why would I be anything different on Twitter?  My blog, Facebook and Twitter feeds are each a mix of all those facets of my life.
  • Take responsibility for your actions:  I own up to what I say and do - online or otherwise.

What are some other rules that fit into this list?