Saturday Links [Chicago Edition]

The New York Times' Style Magazine [travel issue] features a killer shot of Chicago's lakefront.


On the magazine's blog, for some reason called The Moment, Jeffries Blackberry calls Chicago "a city of new-found vitality."  Hmm, does that new-found vitality coincide with my move here from New York? Doubt it.


Again, over at The Moment I found this nugget from a 2003 interview with Thomas O’Grady, then creative director for NBA Entertainment, about how Michael Jordan caused basketball shorts to lengthen to the point of absurdity:

"He played so many minutes when he was with the Bulls in the mid-’80s, so by the third quarter he would be exhausted. He would be doing a lot of this leaning over and catching his breath. Eventually he was starting to grab his pants, to hold on to them because he was exhausted. … He finally asked Champion, the uniform manufacturer, for more length in his shorts so that he could hang onto his shorts ...”



Jeff Toobin takes a shot at the Roland Burris story in The New Yorker.  A friend from NYC was blown away that Rod Blagojevich has a brother named Rob. It is kind of absurd when you say them together ... Rod and Rob Blagojevich



Finally, the Sears Tower [nation's tallest building] will be renamed the Willis Tower.  As expected, everyone in Chicago went berserk for 24 hours and then got back to more important things, namely acronyms like TARP, AIG and NCAA.