What Agency Execs Should be Prepared to Answer

David Armano at Logic + Emotion has a nice post [full post here] about the types of questions clients should be asking their agency executives regarding the agency's digital competence.  Here are the questions David thinks we agency folks should be prepared to answer ...

1. Do you read blogs.  Which ones?
2. Do you have a personal blog?  What's it about?
3. Do you participate in at least one social network?  Which one?
4. Have you ever uploaded a video online?  What did you use to do it?
5. What's your favorite search engine.  Why?
6. Have you ever used an online classified service like craigslist?
7. Besides making phone calls—how else do you use your mobile phone?
8. Have you ever registered a domain name?
9. Do you use social bookmarks or tagging?
10. Do you use a feed reader of some sort?  Which one?  Why?

I'm feeling very good about my answers to all 10 questions.  Do you?