Natural Born Handwriting Expert

Last night I went to a fundraiser for Common Threads with my wife and parents.  My mother is on their board, and helped organize it.

Anyway, as I found my seat at our table I thought to myself: "Oh, mom wrote the seating cards."

Some time during dinner, it dawned on me that without pause I recognized my mother's handwriting.

Perhaps nothing profound to report, but another small reminder of the profound bond between parent and child.


Parenthood in the Age of the 'Swipe'

Next Wednesday I will become a father for the second time.

As I embark on a 2.5 week leave, my anxiety is twofold.  How are we going to care for another child when it seems as though we’re hanging on by a thread with one?  And how am I going to discipline myself to remain in the moment while I’m out, rightfully focusing my attention on my three year old, Henry, my newborn and my recovering wife?

I’m both frightened and encouraged by all the technology that will be at my fingertips this time versus 3 years ago when Henry was born.  Between my iPad and iPhone I’ll never be more than a swipe away from connecting, sharing and paying attention. 

But with this access comes great temptation and responsibility.

I'm genuinely curious to see how I respond.