5 Human Truths

When you work in advertising you spend a lot of time talking about human truths.
Truths lead to insights lead to creative briefs lead to great ads.
Or something like that.

For no reason at all here are 5 totally useless, but indisputable, human truths:

No matter how much you claim to hate it, Gettin' Jiggy Wit It is the catchiest song ever.
You LIE if you're not singing along.

It's impossible not to check twice that the phone hung up after a conference call.
Because post-conference call smack-talking can be vicious.

There is no elegant way for 3 adult co-workers to fit in the backseat of a taxi.
Knees touch. Where do you put your briefcase?  Who sits in the middle? Seat belts?

Every reference to a New Yorker article is preceded by "I read in The New Yorker ..."
Yes, we get it.

Kids enjoy a swimming pool 2.4x when their dad gets in.
It's where we really shine.