State of Blogging: Not Dead

Declaring the "death of blogging" is like declaring the death of TV. It's one of those hysterical proclamations people make, often and ironically, to drive readers to their blog in an effort to squeeze a few more $$ out of advertisers.

Blogging isn't dying. It's just taking a new form.

LinkedIn. Medium. HuffPo. Even Facebook or Instagram. Blogging is alive and well, albeit different.

CC / "Alive Letters" / @  kaneda99

CC / "Alive Letters" / @kaneda99

What's dying is the ability for gen 1 bloggers, with gen 1 mindsets, to easily monetize their writing.

The best writers I know are writing - blogging - more than ever. They just do so to establish a platform for other business ideas that are far more viable from a financial standpoint.

Instead of bemoaning the death of blogging, they're embracing its next iteration.

As for me, I've always said I started this blog in 2007 as nothing more than a way to collect and save things I find interesting - be it my things or others'.