Why I Love Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day.

Because I love my mom. And because I find it delightful to see all the pictures and kind words people post on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram about their moms. I like seeing where people came from, where they are and what they have to say about the people they love.

It's the same reason I love seeing pictures of Coachella. Or another family's vacation in Sonoma. Or my friend's breakfast sandwich. Or National Siblings day. Or just a bunch of kids sitting on the front stoop.

It's simply a snapshot of a moment someone cares about for whatever reason, and is compelled to share. Their motivation for doing so doesn't concern me. I happen to find it interesting, seeing what people share. And when I get tired of it I just stop looking (rather than complain or shame, which are favorite past times of the internet).

It makes no difference to me if the photos are filtered or cropped; taken with a stick or by a stranger; staged or natural. Zero.

Mother's Day 2015 is on May 10. Can't wait to see your pictures and read your words.

My favorite picture of us. Circa 1988.

My favorite picture of us. Circa 1988.