[Update: Great special edition of the NY Times Magazine about this very topic.]

I walk. A lot.

Apparently so did Steve and Ludwig and Charles and others. 

In the driving rain.
Sweltering heat.
Snow up to my knees.
And of course on perfect spring days.
To work.
Home from the gym.
To the grocery store.
Wandering on a lazy Sunday.

My car often seems like more of a chore than anything. Monthly payments. Maintenance. Car washes. I do love road trips. But those are relatively few and far between.

Walking is one of the last vestiges of my decade+ living New York. 

A lot of people say the beauty of walking a city is experiencing and appreciating things up-close and unexpectedly. That's very true, and happens often to me.

But mostly I prefer walking because I can be in my own head. I don't have to be hyper-aware of other cars or traffic lights or pedestrians. I can get completely lost in a podcast or song or thought. If you haven't experienced that in a while, try it. It's worth it.

I'm driving 250 miles today for meetings. I'll make up for it over the weekend.

(I love this photo. I imagine he's got an important destination; but he's getting there thoughtfully and on his terms.)

CC //  @thebmag  // "You'll Never Walk Alone"

CC // @thebmag // "You'll Never Walk Alone"