The Bravest Graham Crackers

The success of advertisements are measured in hardware. Either of the creative (judged on subjective terms) or effective (did it generate leads, move product, get people to vote, etc.) variety. The holy grail is the campaign that's so creative it drives business results. Makes perfect sense.

For the majority of people not familiar with advertising awards, think of it this way:

Does an ad move you to watch it over and over and over again? To share it, tweet it, email it, text it, blog about it? To write a thank you note to it? To think? To take an extra 60 seconds to find the product on the store shelf? And if you're in the business of advertising, does it move you to want to do better?

This 2-minute film, called #NotBroken, is part of Honey Maid's #ThisIsWholesome campaign. It tells the story of divorce through the eyes of a boy, Isaac. It's basically my story growing up. Every aspect of it feels totally familiar (which refutes several critiques I read, that this is a totally unattainable ideal of post-divorce family). 

Other #ThisIsWholesome ads focus on single dads, same-sex parents, multiculural families, punk dads and military families. You can find a gallery here.

As you can imagine the reaction to the series has been strong on both sides. The haters have come out in full force, condemning Honey Maid for celebrating the sinners. But as you'll see in the video below, the positive support has been even greater.

Many pundits have chimed in that these stories aren't relatable ... that Honey Maid risks alienating much of its customer-base. 

Well according to Honey Maid sales are up 7% this summer (since the multicultural spot aired), the videos have been view 12+ million times and there's been a 400% increase in Google searches for the brand. Doesn't sound very alienating to me.

With 66% market share Honey Maid didn't have to stand for anything more than s'mores and snacking. But something (or someone) drove them to do so. A brave decision, I think. I'll be looking out for more stories from the brand, and picking up a box of Honey Maid graham crackers on my next trip to the grocery store.