A Brief Defense of Mom Jeans

Mom jeans. Dear lord. What could be worse, right? I'll get back to this.

Millions of words, parody videos and infographics - some clever and most not-so-much - have been devoted to profiling social media archetypes. The proud parent. The activist. The troll. Etc. We've all seen them. We've seen them all. 

But perhaps no group takes more heat than the oversharer. The person who streams their life. Every moment, meal, feeling, selfie. 

Here's the thing ... as much the they can pollute your stream I actually find something endearing about the oversharer for a really simple reason:

They reveal details of their lives without filters. Without edits. Without tilt-shift. Without spell-check. Without proper composition. Without a pithy line. Without expectations of likes, loves, clicks, shares and comments. Without regard, frankly, for what you think. Who cares what Bob had for breakfast? Bob does. And maybe his wife does.

In many ways it feels the most genuine.

Like someone wearing mom jeans, the oversharer probably doesn't care what you and I think. In fact the jeans they're wearing are the last thing on their mind. 

A bit much (mom jeans and oversharing) for most tastes? My tastes? Yes. But genuine nonetheless.

Rather than turning your nose up at the oversharer - whatever your motivation for doing so may be - just let them be. Unfollow if you want.

There's no right or wrong, but it's hard to argue with genuine.