What I learned in the last four hours will help you win awards

I've spent the better part of the last four hours judging awards submissions from around the world (social media category).

Before I forget, here are five things that are worth knowing as you write any awards submission.

  1. Don't assume the judge knows anything about you, your brand, your market, your competition, your customer. Very likely we don't.
  2. Less is more. Resist the urge to use a smaller font to cram more words in. Edit yourself ruthlessly. Please.
  3. Both early and often, state your objectives and results. Together, every time. Many times. Clearly.
  4. Do not pass up the chance to submit video support as part of the submission. It works, for a million reasons.
  5. Teach me, the judge, something interesting. Something I can pass on to friends or colleagues. Just keep this in mind when crafting your case.