On Fatherhood For Father's Day


Exactly. For being liars.

With Father's Day approaching I was thinking ... here's the thing ...

I'm not the world's best dad.
You're not, despite what the card tells you.
No one is.
Certainly not the experts trying to sell copies of their book or drive pageviews. 

I let my kids chew gum. With sugar. Often.
They think Amazon closes at 5pm.
Sometimes I put them to bed early so I can watch basketball.
Occasionally I drop an F bomb in front of them.
I taught them how to use Apple TV so they can entertain themselves.
I yell at them to stop yelling.
I sometimes side with my younger son because it's just easier.
My six year old specializes in poop jokes.
At the grocery store we pick food from the salad bar and eat as we shop.
I almost exclusively make breakfasts that can be cooked in the microwave.

So the next time you pull up next to us at a red light and we're belting out our rendition of the uncensored version of Jay Z's "Can I Get A" please don't judge.

I'm not the world's best dad.

I'm fine with that.

Because every night I kiss my boys and tell them 'I love you.'

Doesn't even come close to making me the best. But it'll have to do.

Glad to be these guys' most imperfect father. I think they look pretty happy.