Startup: The First Week+


A few observations from my first seven work days at Tap.Me.  In no particular order ...

  • Things move fast.  Real fast.  Not just the pace, but the rate at which decisions are made.
  • I've probably worked the same amount of hours as I always have, but it seems like I'm getting a lot more done.  Probably a result of the following two bullets.
  • Less meetings.  Likely a result of the company employing a lot less people than my last job.  Just a smaller pool of potential meeting attendees.
  • Less administrative duties.  No time sheets is a great example.  
  • Massive sense of pride in what we're doing.  People have been here much longer than I have, and they feel an incredible sense of ownership.  Heartening.  After only a week I'm starting to feel it.
  • Hoodies and noise-cancelling headphones are the uniform. I have the latter, and need to stock the former.

Still finding my way.  Having a blast.