On February 27 I'm joining a company called Tap.Me.

It's a startup.  It's advertising.  It's gaming.  It's mobile.  It's mobile in-game advertising.  But better.  Solid.  

I'll be responsible for developing and leading brand relationships.  I'll also lead Tap.Me's own marketing efforts.

I like the idea.  I like the people.  I like the space.  Startup is on my bucket list.

Admittedly I won't miss scrambling to submit my time sheets on Sunday night.  But there are many things I will miss.  The incredible team I've built.  My talented colleagues - many of them now friends.  The clients I've had the privilege to work with.  The unique Ogilvy culture. The world-class resources that made me a better marketer and person.  World-class.

Humbled by how gracious Ogilvy's been to me over the last few weeks, and last five years.

Thank you

Photo: woodleywonderworks