False Scarcity, Scare Tactics, Handshakes

 Via ndh

I'm not a traditional sales guy.  Not really a sales guy at all.  Rather than being pushy I take a more consultative approach, whether I'm working with an existing client or trying to win a new piece of business.

Something I just don't get is when salespeople use false scarcity and/or scare tactics to make a sale.  I see it all the time ...

Only 2 remaining!

Limited time offer!

I've got people banging down my door for this widget.  Don't miss your chance.

If you don't get on Twitter right away someone is going to high-jack your reputation.

I'm actually in the market for a fairly big ticket item right now.  There are plenty of these widgets in the marketplace, some worth more than others based on their condition.  I recently met a guy selling one of these widgets that I'd rate on the higher end of the quality spectrum; but not so high that I can't find it somewhere else with a little bit of looking.

So this guy threw a line at me:  Oh man, I've got like 15 potential buyers.  If you are interested you should move fast.

False scarcity AND scare tactics.  

Because what he's really saying is: My item is so unique that everyone wants it, and you'd be a fool to miss the chance to have it.

Really?  Then why haven't you sold it yet?  And why would I waste my time competing with the other 15 buyers when I can go find another widget?  And how do you know I'm ready to buy?

Rather than kid a kidder, a much better tactic would have been to ask me a few questions to understand my mindset.  How knowledgeable am I about the widget market?  How urgent is my need?  What anxieties do I have about pulling the trigger?

If he listened intently he might have picked up on something to use on me.  Or maybe he'd realize I'm not buying this widget, but he's got another one arriving soon that would be perfect for me.

But no, he missed that chance.

Oh, and the handshake part of this post title ... Man, woman.  Young, old.  Get a grip.  Literally.  I'd much rather buy from someone with a solid handshake.