Random Acts of Subversion


If you're even remotely associated with the marketing profession you've sat in a meeting in the last 24 months where someone suggested an idea based on "random acts of kindness."  Like ...

Let's hand out candy canes to people in front of Grand Central.

Let's leave $10 gift cards in New York City taxis.

I'm just as guilty as the next person.  No judgement here.  But it got me thinking.

Yesterday I Tweeted that Small and harmless acts of subversion are good for the soul.

Is there a brand that could own this?  What would it look like?  Could it be pulled off in a tounge-in-cheek way so to amuse but not anger?

Like what if CB2 gave a 10% discount on office furniture to anyone who showed a picture of them sitting in their boss' chair; 20% if your feet are on the desk?

Or what if a hat company gave a discount to anyone who tweeted a picture of themselves performing a photo-bomb (wearing the hat, of course)?

That's all I've got.  Need some ideas.