Smart Dialogue About The Internet And Marketing

If you're looking for some good reading ...

I came across a blog this morning from a guy called Andrew Weissman.

Specifically I read Andrew's post called The Golden Age Of Internet Marketing? in which he poses questions and offers opinions on things every good marketer (Internet or not) should be considering.  

Read it yourself - I won't do it justice.  But I will highlight a quote I expect to use a lot in future presentations (emphasis mine)

These new emerging revenues streams will be native monetization models that are consistent with the fabric of the product, that run with the grain of how users interact with and use the service. Google ads are the perfect, and prototypical, example, because they deliver a unit in a manner consistent with the way the user is using the product to search for information. These units generally work because they align the interest of the three interested parties in a search: users, marketers and publishers. Users get what they are looking for; marketers' get performance on their spend because they buy against the search action itself; and finally publishers generate traffic from the content.

Noah Brier, using Andrew's post as a springboard , wrote Going Native.  Again, read it for yourself - worth the five minutes.  And again, a quote.  I love the use of the word "respect" here - it feels so non-marketing-jargonish to me.  I'm definitely going to steal that.  Thanks Noah.

I actually think there are a lot of startups that think brands are stupid, which seems crazy to me considering most of them are ad funded. What I’m trying to say is that building a native marketing unit requires respecting your customer (the brand) as well as your users (the consumer). At the end of the day what truly separates Google’s search ads from other marketing units is that it’s respectful: It believes the user is smart and the brand knows what it wants.