Out of Orbit

Image: Randy Willis "It's All About Me" May 27, 2011 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution

Nearly every day I hear something along the lines of ...   

"I'm just as nice to receptionists as I am to CEOs."


"Why was that barista so stressed out?  For God's sake, he makes coffee for a living."


"I'm only a focus group of one, but I think [fill in idea the person speaking thought of] makes total sense."

It's the sure sign of someone who puts themselves at the center of the universe, with everyone else in their orbit.  Don't get me wrong - I find myself doing it sometimes.  And I force myself to snap out of it.  This is not about finger pointing (and even if it is, when you point a finger at someone you are pointing three at yourself).

Some perspective I often remind myself of ...

There's fundamentally no difference between a CEO and receptionist, so to brag about how nice you are to both of them means nothing (except to show you pity the receptionist).

And you think the PowerPoint deck you have to write is any more stressful than someone screaming at you because there's too much foam in their skinny latte?

And just because you think something's a good idea doesn't mean anyone else will. And it certainly doesn't mean everyone else will.  Steve Jobs was an anomaly.  

No one orbits anyone.  We're a big, mashed-up collection of people who are essentially no better or worse than anyone else (the Mother Theresas are cancelled out by the Ted Bundys).  And we're all here together for about a pinhead's worth of time compared to what's come before us and what's to follow.

No major point here.  Just thoughts.