Bowling v Pinball

Nice point made yesterday at a private event thrown by Facebook to support their Facebook Studio initiative.  Paraphrasing a speaker from Facebook (and adding a bit of my own take) ...

Traditionally, marketers have played a game of bowling:  Take a heavy, well-crafted message and throw it as hard as you can down the media lane, with the goal of knocking over as many customers as possible.  

But today's marketer needs to think more like a pinball wizard: You take a slightly lighter projectile, and still thrust it in the field of play.  But unlike bowling, in pinball the message stays in the play-of-field much longer, taking twists, turns and lucky bounces as it goes.  There's a flow.  A continuity.  A viral element that never existed at scale.

I like the imagery. And let's be real ... do you really want to be like this guy?