A Meeting With Steve Jobs

A nice, quick read by a woman called Christine Comaford on how many years ago she convinced Steve Jobs to take a meeting with her - one that clearly had a huge impact on her life and career.

"Forty five minutes later Steve released me. Sitting in my overheated car in the sunny Redwood City parking lot, my head bursting with the remarkable, complex, complete vision of Steve Jobs in my head, I made a commitment.

I would no longer see barricades. Stumbling blocks would now be seen as stepping stones to something better, or something to crawl over or walk around. Previous limitations would now be a mere triviality, at worst a slight inconvenience. There were insanely great things to create and we were here to create them and that’s all there was to it. All thoughts to the contrary were irrelevant."

There's some practical tips at the end about getting meetings with VIPs.  They are good.  I just caution you to think about the line between aggressive and annoying.