Dear Politicians: It's All In The Follow Through

I've never seen an ad from a politician AFTER winning an election. We get bombarded with TV, print, OOH and robocalls leading up to a moment in time, and then poof - gone.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel spent about $11 million on his successful campaign.  And Emanuel has about $2.1 million left in the war chest.  What will he do with that?  According to the Huffington Post:

Some of it is likely to be spent influencing the make-up of the City Council. Fourteen aldermanic races will go to runoffs on April 5, and Emanuel has openly said that he would be willing to back reform-minded candidates who sought his help ...

Emanuel could use the funds to build alliances on the future Council,which he'll need to advance his ambitious agenda.

Rahm won in what some consider a landslide, but he's still very much a polarizing figure.  I'd love to see Ken-griffey-mar2 Rahm take a few dollars and run a series of TV spots between now and when he takes office.

Thank those who voted for you.

Build bridges with those who voted against you. 

And rally those who didn't vote at all.

Remember, Rahm, election day was just the beginning.  Not the end.  It's all in the follow through.  Just ask Jr.