From "We Can't ..." to "What If ..."

Feeling particularly positive today. 

From ...

We can't start a dialogue with our customers because they might say things we don't like.

We can't possibly teach our child to read this early.

We can't expect everyone to be nice to each other.

We can't be first to tell the story if we have to fact check every detail.

We can't pitch that idea because it's beyond what the customer asked for.

We can't wear blue jeans to that meeting.

We can't just decide to run a marathon - it takes years to prepare.

We can't have good experiences with flight attendants.

We can't train our entire organization to look at our business differently.

We can't have waffles for dinner - that's a breakfast food. 



What if we started by just letting them know how much we appreciate their business, and value their feedback?

What if we started simple - maybe just three letter words for now?

What if we expected that of ourselves, and trusted that the Golden Rule would prevail?

What if we, as a society, valued truth over speed? 

What if we previewed the idea beforehand, rather than springing it on them all at once?

What if we took a stand - that's just who we are.  And also wore a sport coat?

What if we set our sights on a 10K, and took it from there?

What if we recognized and celebrated the overwhelming majority of nice ones, rather than focusing on the bad ones?

What if we focused on a small group of influencers who really buy into our vision?

What if we have a side of corn?