Jesus, What an Influencer!

Jesus Seriously.  Jesus - what an influencer, huh?  The ultimate, no doubt.

2+ billion followers today.  And the guy's been dead for, oh, a couple thousand years.

Kind of makes Oprah, Gaga, Godin and all the Twitterati with a five-figure following look like chump change.

When you think about it, Jesus really didn't have many actual "followers" in his lifetime.  The guy wasn't around that long, and seemingly spent a lot of time roaming the countryside.

But he had the RIGHT followers.  Specifically, 12 of them (well, you could argue that Judas guy was bad news).

Think about it for a minute.  Jesus had 12 really passionate followers who - 2000 years later - have made him the most influential person in the world.  Not 12,000.  Not 12 million.  12.  Honestly ask yourself - would Jesus have made your influencer list back in the day?  Not a chance.

So what's the lesson?  Pretty clear to me:

Influence shouldn't be judged by quantity, but rather by quality of followers.  By passion.  25,000 Twitter followers or 100,000 UMVs means nothing if those followers exert no influence; posses no passion or have zero relevance to your business.  Sure, big numbers help.  But they tell such a small part of the story.

Bless you.