Quick Thought On 'Creativity' From PSFK Salon Chicago

Great session this morning at the PSFK Salon. More thoughts to follow. 

But something I wanted to capture straight away was inspired by a comment David Armano somewhat casually made during a panel discussion.

The line of questioning was about samples of Chicago's creative community.  Several panel members gave great examples along the lines of urban art projects. 

But David referenced two local businesses - 37 Signals and Groupon.  Interesting.  Not what we might initially think of as examples of Chicago's creativity.

But clearly they are.  Not in that they make beautiful things.  But rather in how they design innovative business solutions.  That is no less creative than a beautiful piece of art.

Other examples of Chicago business creativity abound. The thriving developer community creating better stock trading algorithms is one that immediately comes to mind.

Anyhow, the point is that creativity comes in all forms.

Now, in terms of what's driving this alternative interpretation of creativity in Chicago ... that's still a mystery to me. 

Maybe it's the output from the University of Chicago and Kellogg business schools.  Maybe it's that Chicago draws from all over the Midwest - and damn if the Midwest doesn't have some killer engineering programs.  Maybe it's the [relative] civility in how we do business.

I don't have the answer.

But it's an interesting discussion, don't you think?