One More Word on Convincers

One more follow up to this and this.

Convincers have no desire to be in the spotlight.  Or more accurately, they are OK with others being in the spotlight instead.  This is crucial - not letting ego drive behavior.

So to recap, convincers:

  • Let others have the spotlight
  • Suspend their own agendas
  • Are more pragmatic than dogmatic. 
  • Posses the business acumen to understand, articulate and provide a POV on the client's/prospect's business challenges.
  • Demonstrate high emotional intelligence.  They can read the room so to speak.
  • Don't fall in love with their own ideas [or their agency's ideas].
  • Are strong enough to stand up to the thinkers when ideas - no matter how brilliant - are not appropriate for the situation.
  • Are sensitive to the considerations articulated by the doers, but aren't afraid to push for more with less.

I have an idea for finding and interviewing some convincers.  I'm sure you are all on the edge of your seat.