Tell Me Your $2 Bill Story

Calling all brands and agencies ...

Based on some really positive feedback on a few preliminary posts about the magic of $2 bills, I've decided to craft a proper presentation [for what purpose, I'm not exactly sure yet].  As I start to draft the presentation I would love to incorporate your killer examples.  If you're so inclined, shoot me a note to iansohn2 [at] yahoo [dot] com and I'll include them [with full credit]. 

Below is something I just cobbled together to give you a sense of where I'm going with this.


When I was a kid – don’t remember exactly when or on what occasion – my aunt Trudy gave me a $2 bill.

It was folded up, not in any special keepsake holder or container.  Exactly the kind of thing that gets shredded or lost over the years.

But for some reason I kept that $2 bill.  Through highschool.  College.  Moving to New York (and five moves during my time in New York).  It was always folded up in one box or another, along with things like my social security and insurance cards.

What was it about that $2 bill that compelled me to hang onto it?  It wasn’t worth anything – well at least not any more than $2.

A few months ago a friend from work mentioned she was in a taxi and the cab driver gave her change in $2 bill.  She was nearly giddy.  I mean, she stopped by my office just to tell me about it.  Nothing at all remarkable about the taxi ride, other than the denomination in which she received her change.

And then it happened again to someone else I know.  Again, nothing remarkable about the taxi ride other than the $2 bill change given.

And it got me thinking … the $2 bill is something magical, isn’t it?

Something that somehow seems to exceed its value.  

Something readily available to all of us, yet delightfully surprising upon receipt.

Something with talk value.

Something we want others to experience.

And that got me thinking even more … what if a business could harness the power of the $2 bill to delight their customers?  To make them feel special?  To make them want to tell others about it? 

The concept is so devilishly simple, isn’t it?