4 Lessons From Today's US Soccer Victory

[1] Play until the final whistle.  Same notion as my recent thought on Hail Mary passes.

[2] Hustle, hustle, hustle.  Donovan scored because he continued his run towards the goal even after his brilliant pass.  He didn't stand there admiring his good work.

[3] Sometimes it takes a lucky bounce to make things go your way.  But you have to be prepared to capitalize when luck presents itself.

[4] Winning takes a village - contributions from many, some of which we don't pay much attention to.  It all started with Tim Howard's superb outlet pass to Donovan. While Landon will rightfully grace the pages of tomorrow's papers, that goal involved a handful of key contributions.

[My friend, Michael, just commented that I should add a 5th, which I totally agree.  In regards to Algeria's strategy ..."If you play not to lose,you cannot win."]