$2 Bill Update

The original inspiration for my $2 bill series was a colleague telling me a story about an otherwise unremarkable taxiride, where the driver gave her a $2 bill for change.

As I asked, "When was the last time you proactively told someone about a taxi ride where nothing happened?"

In just the past two weeks I've serendipitously stumbled across two $2 bill mentions I wanted to share.

Ricky Engelberg tweeted this.  Again, he took the time to Tweet about a cab ride just because the driver gave him change in $2 bills.  Amazing to think about how you can harness this spirit for your business.


And just recently, Taco Bell launched a $2 menu.  As part of the launch they've initiated a tongue-in-cheek lobbying effort to encourage the Federal Reserve to put more $2 bills in circulation.


You can find my other $2 bill posts here.

Keep sending me examples and I'll be sure to post them.