Go East Young Man (or Woman)

Perusing through my Twitter feed recently I saw a message from Jen Beio that she's moving from Chicago to New York to pursue the next chapter of her career and beyond. 

My 26 year old sister and 23 year old brother both live in New York.

I was born and raised in Chicago, but many years ago (many many) when I was around Jen's age I did the same thing.  11 years later, I found my way back home to Chicago with a wife and child. Moving to New York, then back home were two of the best decisions I've made.

So between my own experience and those of my siblings, I've got a pretty informed POV on the topic.

I love (!!) Chicago, but without a doubt living in New York is an experience unlike any other, and one I would encourage any young person to do.

New York is the gateway to the rest of the world.  Go there, and you've got a chance to go anywhere (physically and spiritually).

New York moves at a pace unlike anywhere else.  It's like swinging with a doughnut.  When you leave you're a little faster, more aware and savvy.  And you certainly learn how to stretch a dollar.

New York is filled with types of people you've never met before, and never will.  Some good, lots bad.  Most interesting.

New York is a beautiful and complicated city - particularly Manhattan.  While tiny, it has enough things to see, do and explore for a lifetime. I covered a lot of that city in 11 years, yet there are still pockets I know I missed.

Another post that has nothing to do with nothing, but was on my mind.  Good luck Jen, you're going to love it!