Go Small or Go Home

Everywhere I look these days it seems like people, brands, organizations are going small.  I started out with great intentions of giving lots of examples, but ran out of steam.  A few fairly random and obvious ones below.  What are other examples of this phenomenon?

The two 'surprising' teams remaining in the NBA playoffs are the Phoenix Suns and Boston Celtics.  Of the 29 combined players on their rosters, only one (Robin Lopez - hardly a key contributor) is listed at 7' tall.  These teams are winning with smaller lineups - out hustling and maneuvering their opponents.

Twitter's a pretty obvious example.  140 characters is pretty small compared to a full blog post.  That's small.

This video about an architect in Hong Kong who has transformed his 330 Sq Ft apartment into an elegant multi-functional palace blew me away.