Doubletree's $2 Bill

I recently started a series of blog posts called $2 Bills ... short profiles of those unexpected and delightful things businesses do that makeyou remember and share your experience.  My first post was about Groupon's email unsubscribe page.

The next $2 bill has been around for nearly 30 years.  It's the Doubletree chocolate chip cookie.  Frankly, I think it's the stuff of legends.

Doubltree cookie

Who doesn't like a warm cookie to make them feel a bit closer to home?  Heck, who doesn't like a warm cookie period?  According to the Doubletree Cookie Website the hotel chain:

  • Gives out more than 10.5 million cookies a year;
  • Has given out more than 200 million cookies over the years
  • Has given more than 1 million cookies to "deserving members of the community"

I can'Tweet doubletreet speak to the cookie's business impact. All I can say [having spent my share of nights on the road] is that any time you can convert a weary [and likely skeptical] road warrior into a word-of-mouth advocate you've got a good thing going.

As always, suggestions for future profiles are encouraged.