Groupon's $2 Bill (New Series)

A couple of years ago I wrote a post which read in its entirety:

If I owned a cash business I would always have a register full of $2bills.  $2 bills bring a smile to customers' faces and almost always warrant a mention to someone later on in the day.  So what's your business' $2 bill?

I had all but forgotten about it until  a week ago when a colleague told me a story about an otherwise unremarkable taxi ride, where the driver gave her a $2 bill for change. When was the last time you proactively told someone about a taxi ride where nothing happened? 

That's when it hit me ... I should start a blog series about $2 bills.  Those unexpected and delightful things businesses do that make you remember and share your experience. 

I've got a few examples in the hopper, but please email me at iansohn2 [at] yahoo [dot] com with suggestions and I'll be happy to review/write them up.  

The first one is from Groupon - the collective buying site. Check out what happens when you unsubscribe from Groupon's newsletter [click on the image]:

Picture 1

Wonderfully simple, yet full of personality.  It gets talked about all the time.  Like the taxi ride, how often do you talk about an email unsubscribe page?  Never.  Well check out how people are glowing about it on Twitter. A great example of a $2 bill.