Things I Believe

I've had the notion of a plan to do something with these little quotes [mostly stuff I've tweeted].  Generally things I believe.  Nothing terribly interesting, by any means.  My hope is to find a theme and turn it into a presentation [for an imaginary audience]. 

Anyhow, I wanted to capture them somewhere, and since I've often described my blog as a place I collect things, here goes.  Guess I'll keep adding to the post as more come to me.

Steal.  Comment.  Ridicule.  Ignore.  All good.  Follow me on Twitter if you care.

  • The more “high priority” emails you send, the less most people pay attention.
  • There are actually dumb questions - the ones you haven't Googled before you ask them.
  • It’s difficult to make an assessment of social media [or anything] if you don’t actually use it.
  • Treat your small customers as well as your big ones … they all grow up eventually.
  • You're either someone I would write a LinkedIn recommendation for, or not. Better to be the former.
  • You can lead your life like an a-hole or a human being. I don't judge your choice, but know there are consequences for both.
  • Treat everyone you interview as if you'll work for them some day.  It's a matter of respect & humility.
  • Put more effort into your follow up note than you do your cover letter/sales pitch. Coffee is for closers.
  • You can choose when you do and don't listen, but unless you're my 3 year old I'm probably not repeating myself.
  • The best offense is not a good defense.  It's a hall-of-fame QB, stud running back and receivers with hands like stick 'em. 
  • No one cares about your travel schedule (besides you of course).