No 7s Allowed

I was in a meeting this week where the meeting leader asked everyone in the room to rank our capability in a particular area [not important what] and every person in the room gave the same answer ... 7.  

I was immediately reminded of a rule my little brother [who at the time he told me this was a senior incollege] and his friends have about banning the number 7 from rankings.  You can guess what their context was.

But think about it ... he's totally on to something.  7 is a cop-out.  It's lazy.  It's a C.  It's mediocre.  It's nothing to be proud of, yet we [me included] have no reservations about publicly rating ourselves a 7.

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So from here on out I am banning 7 from my rankings.  Either I go with 6 - which should be alarming enough to take the right actions to jump the 7 transom and at least get to 8.  Or I go with an 8 and look for ways to kick it to a 9 or 10.

Who's with me?