Social Media in '10 (Most Definitely NOT Predictions)

I'm not big on predictions (namely because there are rarely consequences for being wrong).  These are just five things I personally look forward to in 2010 ...

  1. A kinder, gentler, more thoughtful tone.  Less finger wagging at brands who just don't get it; more willingness to help brands understand and implement best practices.  I've met some of the people I think are at the forefront of this new benevolence ... have you? 
  2. An end to the shoot first - ask questions later approach so many top-tier bloggers take to reporting news.  Reputations, livelihoods and [drama alert] lives are at stake.  Getting the story right, even if it means getting it 2nd.  Fact checking.  Protecting sources.  Basics of solid journalism.  All to often ignored.  But I expect that to change as more readers migrate from print to online and demand a baseline of integrity.
  3. Watching luxury brands get deeper into social media (e.g. Generation Benz, Art of the Trench).  I know I'm not alone in thinking there is tremendous upside here.  My colleague, Rohit Bhargava, wrote about it recently.
  4. A shift from "we need a [fill in popular social network here] strategy" to "what are our business objectives, and how can social media help achieve them?" approach.  A no-brainer, but I still see the former employed much more than the latter.
  5. Social media penetrating the C-suite in a meaningful way.  I'm not expecting CEOs at every Fortune 100 company to go wild on Tweetdeck or start a Posterous blog, but I do hope at the very least they become familiar with the basics and understand how their stakeholders (employees, customers, etc.) are using the medium.

Any comments on my list?  What are you looking forward to next year?

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