20 Things I Don't Get (Please Enlighten Me)

I make lots of lists.  Going through a few recently and decided to gather random notes, thoughts, questions related to things I don’t get.  Some I literally can’t comprehend.  Others I just can’t fathom.

None of these are meant to be provocative - I pose these with total (or close to total) sincerity.  I would love hear anything you have to say on the following ...

  1. What either “the message is the medium” or “the medium is the message” actually mean, and why someone decided both made sense.
  2. Why Keith Richards is not more widely recognized as a brilliant guitarist.  Have you heard "Jumping Jack Flash?"
  3. The semantic web.  Can someone explain sans jargon?
  4. “The Phantom Menace” (acting, story, special effects).
  5. Why people are so shocked I like NASCAR.
  6. Why anyone would expect Michael Jordan to be as good a man or basketball executive as he was a player.  
  7. Perez Hiton.  Or for that matter, why people find cruelty so funny.
  8. FriendFeed.
  9. The intense debate over Twitter auto DMs. 
  10. Why any team still runs the “Cover 2” defensive scheme. 
  11. Crocs.
  12. Why people blindly bow at the alter of Seth Godin. 
  13. Mafia Wars.
  14.  Banana Republic since 2002.
  15. Isaiah Thomas (the man, the coach, the executive).
  16. Scrubs (the TV show).
  17. The incessant Tom Cruise bashing.  Was the Oprah couch dance that bad?
  18. Why more people don’t gush over Flickr. 
  19. “Dances with Wolves."
  20. Why the last three years have flown by in the blink of an eye.