the3six5 Project

Len Kendall - he of Constructive Grumpiness - has taken on quite an ambitious project for 2010.

Everyday next year a different person will pen a 250 word entry abouttheir experience that day. No specific topic - just as long as it relates to something going on that day.  Come December 31, Len expects to have collected the story of one year, told by 365 individuals.


It's called the3six5 ... you can check it out at

I was thrilled Len asked me to contribute.  I chose January 8 for three reasons: (1) I figured it might help get my mind going after the holidays (2) I wanted to go early enough as to not be influenced/intimidated by months of great entries and (3) It's my son's birthday.

If you're interested in contributing, email [sounds like Len has been getting a lot of emails, so be patient].