The 12-Steps of Pitching

  1. Pitch -4 weeks:  Let’s jump all over this.
  2. Pitch -3 weeks:  Pitch isn’t for 3 weeks … plenty of time.
  3. Pitch -1 week: We’re in pretty good shape for a week to go.
  4. Pitch -2 days: What's our strategy?? We have A LOT to do.  But let’s get it done today so we can get a good night's sleep before the pitch.
  5. Pitch -1 day: This is gonna be a long night …
  6. Pitch -2 hours:  Who’s got the preso on USB?!
  7. Pitch -15 minutes: What floor are they on?
  8. Pitch +5 minutes:  We rocked it!  Where’s the bathroom??
  9. Pitch +30 minutes:  Man, I wish I would have emphasized that one point a little harder. 
  10. Pitch + 3 hours: [stunned silence as you stare at the never-ending to-do list that’s piled up over the last week]
  11. Pitch +1 day: That wasn’t so bad. Pitching is fun!
  12. Pitch +1 week: This looks like an interesting new prospect, would love to be involved in the pitch.

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