Puddles and Pools - All Good

There are two kinds of people [how's that for a sweeping generalization] ... those who appreciate the whimsy of splashing in puddles and those who figure that if they're going to get their feet wet, they might as well dive in the deep end of a pool.

In some ways I've always wanted to be the former, but have accepted I'm the latter. 

Why do I envy the puddle-splashers?  I suppose it's something about their joie de vivre.  An almost childlike ability to explore and move on, without dwelling on the minutiae.  A short memory.  They live moment-to-moment ... and enjoy the moment they're in. 

Again, I tend to be a more deep-end kind of person.  I see something interesting.  I want to explore.  I want to understand.  I can't ignore the nagging questions.  I can't put the thoughts out of my head when I go to sleep.  It's no better or worse than the puddle splashers ... just different.

This is why I can't follow too many people on Twitter.  This is why I recently trimmed my RSS feeds from 100+ to 50.  This is why I don't automatically accept every friend request on Facebook.  This is why I haven't yet tried FourSquare, and have done nothing more than register for FriendFeed.  This is why I never - literally never - don't read an email addressed directly to me.  Because at the end of the day, I need to feel like I've consumed everything I can from a particular "friend" ... browsed their status updates, seen all their photos, read all their Tweets, thought about all their blog posts and responded to all their emails.

My closest circle is made up of both types, and we appreciate each other for who we are.  Sure, it can sometimes be frustrating to deal with someone who is the opposite of you.  But I've also found it's a great way to discover lots of new things [if you're hanging with a puddle-splasher]; or a thoughtful detail that could only come from a deep-ender.

I wonder if you recognize these two groups in your circles.  What are you?  And what do you see as the pros/cons of each?

Or is this nonsense?