My Little Blog Is All Grown Up

With a steady [albeit modest] audience and a renewed vigor for blogging, I figured it was time to graduate to an actual banner header.  This is one of several minor changes I'm making over the next few weeks.

Jeff Gordon, Creative Director | Principal of J.D. Gordon Advertising [no, not Jeff Gordon of NASCAR fame, which would be both really cool and really odd] was kind enough to design the new header you see above.

I love that with very little direction, Jeff designed something reflecting my sensibility [and thank you, Jeff, for not putting an actual flag in the banner!].  

Jeff, it was a pleasure working work with you.  Thank you.

About J.D. Gordon [from their site]:  JDG is a Midwest-based, creatively driven agency. We exist to build strong relationships between businesses and their consumers. Our clients are our partners. Together, we build their brands through strategic planning, advertising and design.