Bloggers as "Things Collectors"

Yesterday John Byrne, Editor-in-Chief of, asked a question on Twitter:

Picture 1  

I answered:

Picture 2

Got me thinking that some of my favorite blogs/bloggers are fellow collectors ...

Strange Maps, as I've said many times, is one of the coolest blogs out there.  It's a must read.

Noah Brier does it brilliantly and with just the right amount of editorializing.  If you don't read Noah's blog, I strongly suggest you do and prepare yourself for equal amounts of hmm, wow, what?, oh!, huh?

Kaitlyn Wilkins, when she's not busy busting eardrums with her karaoke, collects and skewers like only she can.  Her irreverence is legendary.  If you read Kaitlyn over lunch, there's a serious possibility your diet Coke will end up coming out your nose. 

Springwise collects new business idea trends, then offers perspective on what it means to you.  It's entrepreneurial inspiration.

There are so many more ...

Please share your favorite collectors of things - URL and brief description - in the comments.  Feel free to include yourself.