Saturday Links [Design Edition]

I'm often asked why I started writing a blog in the first place.  Very simply, I wanted a place to store stuff I found online - hence, Flagged For Follow Up.  [Delicious does the job, but I like seeing the visuals as well].  Here are three things that caught my eye this week ...

The cityscapes from Spanish artists, Borja Bonaque are incredible.  I particularly like the one below.

Borja Bonaque

This Polaroid photo emulator could be fun at a party.  Here's me pretending to read The Economist.


I love all things Flickr [among several posts ... Flickr Color Search and Obama election night gallery].  Getty Images has partnered with Flickr to create a database of photos for commercial licensing [both rights managed and royalty free].  I like what PSFK had to say about it ... Stock photography is quickly transforming from a collection of professionals to the wider public who with homeschooled photographic knowledge and high-quality cameras.

Here's what happens when you search for "coffee"

Picture 1