Young & Stupid - Those Were The Days!

I fully realize this post is basically me talking to myself.

I got a fundraising email today from a fellow alumni of my high school.  My wife and I regularly support the school, so I normally would not pay much attention to any one particular request.  But this one was very clever.  The email had an attachment - a scan of of my senior photo and accompanying information.  I'll spare you the photo, but the rest of the information is in the scan below. 

A few things come to mind:

  1. Personalizing fundraising solicitations is infinitely more effective than form letters
  2. 17 year olds clearly don't have a clue ... the first quote I chose is actually pretty good [and still relevant], but what the heck are the Alex P. Keaton  and Top Gun quotes all about?!
  3. Clearly swimming did not suit me
  4. I have no idea what the Consensus Committee and Service Club are
  5. I miss being 17!

Ian Sohn

[When I get 1,000 followers on Twitter I promise to post the picture]