Careful With Your FaceBook & Twitter Updates ...

Not my most upbeat post of the year ... but something we should all think about. 

My father once told me, and heck if I can recall the context, that a lot of burglars read the obituaries to find out when funerals are happening [empty houses = easy targets].  Apparently it's not uncommon to have someone watch over the house during a funeral. 

I was thinking today, as my wife departed for a business trip [no worries, I've got a killer home alarm system and can pack a wallop with thebaseball bat under my bed], how the same unsavory bunch of buglers could use FaceBook and Twitter updates in place of the obits.


Think about it ... how often do you see status updates or Tweets like Jennifer is sad her husband is away for the week on business, but excited to see her girlfriends.  Or Ian is looking forward to his family's trip to Florida this week.

A few Google queries and voila, an easy target.

In the last year I have been very careful not to broadcast my whereabouts, particularly when someone could figure out my wife is home alone.  After I return, I'm happy to tell you all about it.

I encourage you to consider this.  We all know that for as wonderful as all these social media communities are [not to mention the connections we've made with strangers around the world] there will always exist a seedy element, ready to prey on the innocent. 

Thoughts on how to balance social media with safety?  Am I being overly paranoid because I have a wife and child?