What's Inspiring Me Lately

A few things occupying a prominent place in my brain lately [in no particular order and not exhaustive]:

  • The Mid-Century Modernist:  We are decorating our house, and while I don't love everything featured on the blog, some of the pieces are incredible [like this Cavour Writing Desk by Carl Mollino].
  • Twitter Connecting with interesting people.  Engaging in interesting debates.  Finding interesting content.
  • The Presidential election:  Not the candidates themselves, but how passionate everyday people are about this election.  I hope it lasts for many elections to come.
  • H&M:  Just when I think I'm over that place, I find a great slim, black suit for $70.  Another $40 in alterations and I've got a winner.  While it may be true, as my colleague says, "it'll melt the first time you wear it in the rain," it was only $70!  I'm sucked back in.  Not sure if the Satorialist would cringe or approve.
  • Henry:  My 22 month-old's verbal skills amaze and amuse me to no end ["Dis mac-eh-cheese delishus, dadddy"].  As any parent will tell you, watching a kid grow is fascinating.
  • Lance Briggs:  The Bears linebacker - who often plays 2nd fiddle to Brian Urlacher - is not so quietly turning in an incredible season.  His hits are bone-crushing.
  • Bruce Springsteen's The Rising: No particular reason, other than over the last year or so I've been very in to Springsteen.  
  • My lovely and talented sister, Dana, starting her own event-planning business.  I would share a link, but site not yet live [will follow up with that later].

What's inspiring you?  Please share - always looking for interesting discoveries.