The other day someone asked me, “When did email becomea vehicle for thinking out loud?”  I shrugged my shoulders, went back to my office and thought:

  • When did every song – ever recorded – become available for free?
  • When did people start using text message as a form of business communication?
  • When did the first YUPPIE move to the East Village , Camden or Wicker Park ?
  • When did people decide it was a good idea to publish their diaries on the internet?
  • When did business meetings start taking place over free video chat services right on our PC?
  • When did I get my first gray hair?
  • When did people start finding jobs via networks of folks they never met in person?
  • When did it become OK – not just OK, but actually a sport – to pry into the personal lives of celebrities and politicians?
  • When did music lovers start carrying thousands of songs in their pockets?
  • When did FM radio become the Greatest Hits of the 70s, 80s, 90s and Today?
  • When did a semester abroad in China pose the same communication challenges as a trip to the corner store?
  • When did people start fast-forwarding through commercials with the click of a button?
  • When did Twitter become an acceptable way to pitch a journalist?

Is email abuse rampant?  Beyond.  Chalk it up to change.  Some change is good.  Some change is bad.  But all change is inevitable.